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Tuesday, March 04, 2003
Welcome to my blog: An introduction to the Art of Making Noise

There are two things I'm passionate about: The entertainment industry and the power of media to become means of truth and inspiration in the world, and Christianity properly expressed through accurate Doctrine applied Christian Living. Hence, these are the two topics that will be repeatedly addressed in this blog, usually in association with one another. If I see a film, I cannot help but analyze that film through the lens of my Christian worldview, and I cannot help but challenge fellow Christians to think through their Christian beliefs and see how their worldview is either expressed or undermined by Hollywood films and TV shows. It is my desire to help us all to think more clearly - to learn to love God not only with our hearts and souls and strength, but also with our minds.

Frankly, I'm tired of engaging in conversations with Christians who cannot articulate even the most basic of Christian doctrines. I'm tired of having the same conversation over and over, where well-intentioned believers end up questioning their faith because of the slightest intellectual challenge from the world. Sadly, most of the Christians I know have never reasoned through their beliefs, and so they are easy targets, mislead by the winds blowing any which way. I'm tired of it. And so this blog will hopefully address many of the issues that come up for the Christian individual who is passionate about the entertainment industry, but confused about how to live and function in mainstream Hollywood and America.

If you have a question about faith and entertainment, please do email me at so that I can do my best to respond. I'll gladly post your question and my response on this blog in order to enlighten anyone who may have the same question. Let's engage in a dialogue about movies, faith, and conduct. Let's figure out together what is right and wrong, True and False. Let's build each other up to be thoughtful, articulate, winsome ambassadors for Jesus Christ. Doggone it, I'm tired. So let's do something about it.

Welcome to my blog. Let the noise begin.

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